Monday, March 19, 2012

Too Faced Naked Eye Soft & Sexy Eye Shadow Collection Review

Hi everyone!  I've been super excited to review this palette for y'all!  It was Ulta's first 21 Days of Beauty "Beauty Steal."  I got it last Thursday and promptly lost it, which I never do with makeup - but you would totally understand if you saw the state of messiness my room is in!  Anyway, let's check it out!

First off, this pictures drives me nuts. Who has lashes that look like that?

I took all these photos while sunbathing, so the pictures are sometimes dim due to clouds... I did get a suntan (burn) though!

For the rest of the review and tons more pictures, take the jump!

The "Day" look...
L-R  In the Buff, Pillow Talk, Like a Virgin

L-R  Birthday Suit, Satin Sheets, Unmentionables

L-R  Pink Cheeks, Lap Dances, Stiletto

So pretty!  Sorry if these photos are blurry on the edges, I just cannot get the hang of this fancy camera!  Let me know if the photos were better before, and I'll switch back to my cheap Nikon.

This is my first Too Faced palette, and I gotta say, I was pretty impressed!  The formula is super soft and feels really luxurious.  All the shades are pretty consistent in quality with perhaps the exception of Stiletto, with I thought went on a little splotchy.  

The colors here are kind of sheer, so you really have to pack it on.  This might be due to the general lightness of the colors, though.  I thought the shades were absolutely beautiful when I swatched them!  A great color palette for a bedroom - all soft and neutral.  However, they weren't particularly my cup of tea: The colors lean towards the cool side and are a little less pigmented than I typically like.  But I lean towards bold or smokey eyes, so if you prefer more neutral eyes, this palette is for you!  The shades are really pretty, fairly sheer, and so are really subtle.  I think they're really great for spring, particularly if you want to rock a strong lip.

As on overall grade, I'd give them a B+.  They're not dark enough to be "soft and sexy" - more like "soft and romantic"!

Beautiful shades, just a little too light.

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  1. This palett is beautiful but as you said the colors were kind of sheer it turns me down a bit... xoxo

    1. Well, I tend to like fairly dark eye shadows. If you like softer colors, it's a great palette. I wore it yesterday with a bright lip, and it looked really nice :)